Market Bag


This bag is clean, functional, reusable, and built to last; it will help keep single-use bags out of landfills. Made from raw denim that is unwashed and has leather straps secured down by rivets. 

You can use it as a shopping bag at a grocery store or farmers market, a beach bag, or as a quick weekend getaway bag. It's a bag; it has a lot of functions!

  • • 12 1/2 oz. Cone Mills Raw Denim
    • Broken-Twill Weave
    • American & Efird Thread
• American made Twill-Tape
• American Produced Horween Debossed Leather Patch

    • Horween Leather Straps reinforced with Horn Logo Rivets

    • Produced in Small Batches

    • Hard bottom that is removable from the inside

    • Sewn In Los Angeles