About Us

We work with factories who pay fair wages to their employees. Our relationship with them plays an important role in how we cost our clothing and operate our business. Los Angeles and California have some of the highest minimum wage laws in the United States, and skilled operators are paid more than minimum wage.

We are committed to sourcing materials and manufacturing our line in the United States, but source internationally when we can not find fabrics or trim domestically.

Our Jeans and Jackets are unique and made in small batches. We use the highest quality fabrics and trims and focus on construction and details.

We are a southern California company, and everyone here grew up surfing, skateboarding, playing music, and pursuing creative expression. These experiences, combined with travel, have influenced the brand and our outlook. 

The collection is influenced by the Californian experience; its cities, street culture, and sunshine. We are an optimistic bunch and are always looking forward! 

Questions? Reach out to us at Hello@HornJeans.com


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