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Harrison Jacket Size Chart

See The Below Instructions And Diagram On How To Measure Your Jacket.

To measure the fit of a jacket, button it up and lay it flat. Since sizes vary by company, it's best to compare measurements to a similar article of clothing you already own.

Keep in mind that there are industry tolerances, and our products are cut and sewn by hand, making exact numbers impossible to achieve. The standard industry tolerance ranges from 0" to +/- 1/2". 

Measure from the high shoulder point, where the shoulder meets the base of the collar, to the bottom hem. This is the body length measurement.

Measure across the chest 1" below the armhole seam (1" below the armhole to 1" below the armhole). This number is doubled to determine the total chest measurements.

Measure the bottom hem from one end to the other. This number is doubled to determine the total hem opening measurements.

Measure from the shoulder seam to the edge of the cuff. This is the sleeve length measurement.

Measure the distance from the top of the left shoulder seams to the top of the right shoulder seams. This is the shoulder measurement.

Harrison_Jacket_DiagramIf you have sizing or fit questions, contact us at, and we will assist you.